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Welcome to Aedificium, a website that explores various aspects of life as it was in medieval England, circa 1190 A.D. If you are a roleplayer intrigued by the notion of using a realistic medieval English setting for your games, a student researching the European Middle Ages, or a casual history buff, the material you will find here might be of interest.

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Recent Updates and Future Plans
If you want to know what's changed recently and what additions are planned for the future, scan through this site log.
Look here for a mercifully short discussion of the purpose of Aedificium and the motivations behind its creation. Also included is a list of those who helped make this website possible, whether they knew it or not.
Using this Site
Why are some Aedificium hyperlinks boldfaced and others not? Should this site be used as an academic resource? For answers to these and other questions that might keep you up at night, look here; it provides information concerning stylistic and functional conventions followed, terms of use, and more.
Regular Clergy and Monastic Life
A series of articles exploring monasteries in twelfth century England may be found here. Subjects considered include the physical layout, organization, and governance of religious houses; the daily lives of their inhabitants; relationships with patrons and others in the secular world; and the management of communal property.
Speculative Maps
This page features speculative maps depicting English settlements and structures as they might have appeared circa 1190 A.D. Each map is accompanied by a short description of the subject, and wherever possible is based partly upon historical or archaeological data.
Roleplaying Utilities
Look here for software designed to automate some of the more tedious aspects of roleplaying, or to enhance the capabilities of related applications.
Confused by terminology? This page provides definitions for many of the words and phrases used in Aedificium's articles that may be unfamiliar to readers. The glossary will grow as additional articles, requiring additional definitions, are added.
Without the source materials listed here, Aedificium would be a lifeless husk of a website.
Listed here are other sites that may be useful to Aedificium readers. Also included is an image that may be used by other sites as an iconographic link to Aedificium.
About the Author
See this page for a description of the experiences and perspectives that influenced the author.

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